About Harringay Green Lanes: Cat Found N4

Friendly DSH Ginger tom with dark ginger tabby markings, found near Green Lanes/Woodberry Down Grove N4.

This has also been shared on Face Book groups: Lilly’s Legacy, East Haringey Lost and Found Pets and Stokey Cats and Dogs.

Please get in touch with me if you recognise this cat. Thank you.

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About Harringay Green Lanes: Short term let wanted for 2 weeks – early November

Hi there,

We are looking for a short term let in early November and wondered if anyone is going away, or fancies making some easy money by vacating their property and staying with their partner? Our house renovations, have in text book fashion, run over and hopefully this will be our last port of call before home. We are a couple with two young children but come well house trained. We gave been in over 20 properties in the last few months and so know how to leave things as we find them!

Ideally looking for a 2 bed place, near Green lanes – ladder, gardens or SoTo. Please message me if you think you might be interested.



via Forum Discussions – Harringay online http://hgyol.in/1GeKkRy